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V Commandos




Base price £84.95
Price £74.95
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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned      Un-Punched      1 to 4 Players     

In brilliant condition, unpunched copy

V-Commandos is a WW2 commandos co-operative board game.

Players can either select a pre-generated mission or create their own by combining objective cards, then they assemble a team from famous Allied corps:

U.S. Raiders, British SAS., 

Devil’s Brigade, SOE, etc.

During play, you hide in darkness, wear enemy uniforms, and sneak up on your targets.

Get spotted?

Open fire with emblematic allied weapons and try to turn the enemy's weapons against them!

If you can, get back to cover and turn off the alarms as the enemy has more available troops than you.

Thus, you need to focus on completing the mission, then leaving the area as quickly as you can.


  • 30 two-sided tiles:
    • indoor/outdoor tiles:
      • 19 small
      • 6 medium
      • 4 large
    • 1 compass tile
  • 86 cards:
    • 37 event cards
    • 2x9 operation cards
    • 26 terrain cards
    • 5 commando cards
  • 68 character tokens:
    • 5 commando tokens (stealthy / visible)
    • 5 commando tokens (German uniform / critical condition)
    • 32 regular enemy unit tokens
    • 5 regular enemy unit tokens with sledgehammer
    • 7 Ø enemy tokens
    • 4 escorted character tokens
    • 10 special enemy uni tokens
  • 124 other tokens:
    • 66 equipment tokens
    • 14 "+1 AP" / "-1 AP" tokens
    • 2 MG42 nest tokens
    • 20 door tokens (unlocked / locked)
    • 8 enemy entrance tokens (silent alarm / triggered alarm)
    • 6 trap door tokens (open / blocked)
    • 2 alarm tokens (silent / triggered)
    • 6 objective tokens (to be destroyed / not to be destroyed)
  • 12 dice
  • Rulebook (PDF 3rd print)
  • Training manual

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