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Fleurus 1794: The Battles of Fleurus and Mont St. Jean (Expansion to Napoleon's Last Gamble)




Price £24.95
Fleurus 1794 Counters
Fleurus 1794 Contents

Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic      2 to 4 Players     

The Fate of Flanders was to be decided on the Sambre — Republican France against Imperial Austria.

The decisive Battle of Fleurus led to the Austrian loss of Belgium. With the two armies clashing again at Mont St Jean, the campaign gave the French Republic additional resources and manpower, opened the gateway to Germany, and the port of Antwerp to the French navy.

Fleurus 1794 is an Expansion Game Module for Napoleon's Last Gamble. Requires the south map from Napoleon's Last Gamble and the southern-extension map from Napoleon's Last Gamble Expansion Kit. The four scenarios cover the battles of Fleurus and Mont St Jean played on the NLG maps. Veterans of TLNB will have an opportunity to examine a key campaign from the French Revolutionary Wars.


  • One countersheet (280)
  • One 12-page Study Folder
  • 6 player-aid cards (TRC, Setup) In ziplock.

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