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Blood & Steel Collector's Set




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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned      Partly Punched      2 Players     

Product condition: used

It comes in a metal tin box containing the full set of Blood & Steel games. The counters for Blood & Steel have been punched and bagged while the other two games have not. They are all in excellent condition.

Blood & Steel

Blood & SteelThe Battle of Prokhorovka, July 12, 1943, is a "quick-playing strategy wargame depicting Kursk's climactic tank battle, near Prokhorovka Station. The complexity is Low with only 4 pages of rules. The unit sizes are Regiments & Brigades.

Each player has formations which activate when their chit is drawn. The Soviet player makes decisions on which formations he would like to have on the board and when. Victory conditions are based on geographical objectives, exiting units(German) and not entering reinforcements(Soviet). The combat system has no CRT. You roll a die vs your Attack Factor (anti Armor or anti Infantry)and if the modified result is equal too or less than the value, a hit is scored against that target unit.

The 2006 update is one of L2's newest line of Folio games, with one counter sheet of 192 5/8" counters and a 11" x 17" map. The movement chart, turn record track, and important information for players is printed on the back of the folio folder.

Blood & Steel Expansion

This is a complete game on its own despite the expansion in the title.

This add-on to the popular original Blood and Steel game (issued by MDG) covers the two flanks of the southern pincer of the Kursk battle. The scenarios cover each flank separately and campaign rules allow the 3 scenarios to be combined in one huge battle. All components needed to play the 2 new scenarios are included as are some replacement components for use in a combined game.


  • Two 11x17 inch maps representing the area around the battlefields of the Ryzavet Bridgehead and the Oboyan Hills.
  • one sheet of oversized single sided counters show the forces controlled by each player and markers.
  • One rulebook
  • One players aid sheet containing the charts and tables used during play.
  • Three sheets create ?? cards


 Ponyri-Kursk: The Northern Pincers July 7 & 8, 1943 is a stand-alone Blood & Steel system game designed by Paul Rohrbaugh and is an extension of the highly successful Blood & Steel folio game on the battle of Kursk.

Ponyri Station is a simulation of the armored clashes between XLI Panzer Corps and the defending Soviet forces near the small town of Ponyri, reflecting the high water mark of the German Kursk campaign.


Game Scale:
Game Turn: 2 hours
Hex: .75 miles / 1.21 kilometers
Units: Company to Reigment

Game Inventory:
One 11 x 17" full color map
One dual-side printed countersheet (176 5/8" counters)
One 8-page rulebook
One game folder/player aid chart

Solitaire Playability: High
Complexity Level: Medium
Players: 2 or more
Playing Time: 1-2 hours

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