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Battle Magazine - Wagram 1809

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Theme:      Napoleonic      2 Players      Battles     

Wagram 1809 simulates one of Napoleon's greatest victories.

After the troubling defeat at Essling on 22 May 1809, and still holding Vienna, Napoleon needed to renew his confidence and finish the campaign.
For the second time, Napoleon crossed the Danube to meet the force of Archduke Charles.

This time, however, preparations for the crossing were better and during the night of 4-5 July he managed to get most of his troops across.
The battle of Wagram could then commence, and it would last for two days.

The game is at divisional scale and uses a plotted system of moving army corps with alternating activations of units during the turn.

There is no CRT and units become progressively weaker during the battle.
For Wagram 1809, Laurent Martin has used an adaptation and evolution of the system he has already used for the battle of Bull Run and Cedar Creek, which appeared in Vae Victis.

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