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Battle Magazine - White October: The Last Assault on Red Petrograd, October 1919 (English edition)

Number: 5




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Theme:      WW1      2 Players      Rare and Collectable      Operational      Battles     

White October -  is a two-player magazine game included in Battles Magazine Issue 5.

It depicts General Nikolai Yudenich’s campaign during the Russian Civil War to capture Petrograd in October 1919.

Yudenich advanced his Northwestern Army from newly independent Estonia to capture the former Russian capital, forcing Trotsky to take command of the city’s defences.

However, Yudenich’s army was exhausted by the time it reached the outskirts of Petrograd, and in the face of a numerically stronger Red Army and lacking the support of the British Royal Navy, it decided to retreat on 1 November.

One turn represents two days and one hex is four kilometres.

The game system simulates White fatigue and ammunition shortage as well as the Reds’ emergency political measures.

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