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Theme:      Railway      Pre-Order      3 to 5 Players     

Available for Pre-Order. Made the Cut.


18EUS is an 18XX railroad game for 3-5 players that plays in under 4 hours. Players take on roles of “robber barons” competing to amass the most personal wealth over the course of 5-6 sets of stock rounds and operating rounds. The inspiration of the game was to combine favorite elements of multiple previous 18XX games—including 1822, 1862, 18USA, and others—and add a key new feature in the Bank of New York, allowing players to take elective loans or make bank investments. The relative strength of loans versus bank investments is dynamic and dependent on the actions of other players. 18EUS also features tremendous pre-game variability but zero in-game randomness. Players must evaluate strategies both based on the pre-game setup and the actions and potential reactions of other players in order to be successful.

18EUS provides a fantastic play experience that builds on favorite aspects of previous 18XX titles and adds fresh new ideas. It is highly interactive as the strengths of certain strategies depend on the actions and reactions of other players. The decision space is deep and similar to other high-level 18XX games, but it plays out in a shorter time frame. 18EUS is a great next-step game for those who have enjoyed 1846 and has the replayability and depth to keep 18XX veterans coming back again and again.



  • One 3" Box
  • One 22"x17" game board
  • One Rulebook
  • Nine Company and Bank Charters
  • 211 Certificates for Privates, Shares, and Trains
  • 52 Wooden Cubes, Pawns, and a Train
  • 66 Cardboard Markers for Loans, Variant City Values, and Company Size Determination
  • 57 Wooden Disks for Company Station and Stock Market Tokens
  • One Sticker Sheet
  • Five Track Tile Sheets (27 mm tiles)
  • One Pack of Play Money


Number of Players: 3-5

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