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Birth of a Nation

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Very Good Condition Punched Copy. Light creasing/wear to the cover. Touch of staple rust.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.18 Jan-Feb 1982


Birth of a Nation (by Richard Berg)

This game is a two-player company level simulation of the battle of Freeman's Farm (Saratoga), Sept. 19, 1777. Points are awarded to the British player for Victory point hexes occupied and for un-demoralized units. The number of points gained determines the level of victory for both sides. Med complex, 260+ counters, 1-2 players, 2+ hours.


Achtung, Zucker! - J.Hind, N.Albrecht
- Review of Air Force

Belgium Put the Bybosh On the Kaiser - J.Greene, J.Hind
- Guns of August

- Beach Head
- Beat to Quarters
- Hitler's War
- Jihad
- Superiority

Deep From the Heart... That's Texas - M.Oliver
- Review of Texas Revolution

Errata: Guns of August

House Divided - K.Poulter

Ironbottom Sound - I.Lewins

How the East Was Won - W.Oppenheim, J.Radey

Leading Edge of Game Design - J.Prados

Rules Variants: Air Force

Le Paradis
- a Squad Leader scenario

Thoughts & Reflections - J.Greene

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