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Heirs of the Golden Horde: the Russo-Austro-Turkish War of 1735-39; Ukraine Theatre




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Product Description

Theme:      7YW / Revolution      Pre-Order      2 Players     

Available for Pre-Order.

Important: HGH is NOT a complete game. It is an expansion pack to the Red Sash title Turkenkrieg.

Heirs of the Golden Horde investigates the theater of Ukraine, where the Russians attempted to destroy the power of the Crimean Tatars as a first step toward Peter the Great's dream of a warm water port.


The HGH scenarios are 2-player: Muscovite (Russian) against Tatars, who may have Ottoman bocking. By combining HGH and Turkenkrig, a 4-player campaign game is possible, adding the Imperials and the Ottomans.



NO. OF SCENARIOS: 8 Minor and 1 Major

AGE: 14+



3 full color maps

Over 1,300 game pieces

1 reference map

Historical Commentary*

* Rulebooks are found in the Red Sash title Turkenkrieg.

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