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Antietam BOXED




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Product Description

Theme:      ACW     


Antietam is an introductory board game at the brigade level of the bloodiest single day (September 17, 1862) of the American Civil War. 


Reviews of the game.

"This is a really fun game on a significant battle in the American Civil War and it is a great looking game on the table too...
I have only played the game solo, but it plays great this way. There are a lot of decisions to be made on both sides: which corps to activate for the Union, how best to coordinate and support attacks and depending on how the dice roll, where and when to reinforce the Confederate line to minimize the Union’s occupation of victory points hexes. I look forward to introducing others to this. It should be a very quick teach with a 4-page rule book and can easily be played in an evening...
This is a real hex and counter wargame with all the dynamics of a historical simulation but without unnecessary complexity.
If you are interested in the period and/or the battle I would highly recommend this game. It is something you will play again and again." - Eric W.


"I enjoy the game. It definitely moves quickly and is good intro game. It kind of feels like a Napoleon at Waterloo level of complexity, and the map is very nice." - Douglas G.


"The game play was very enjoyable and gave a good narrative. Primarily much of this comes from using an easy system and the interplay between various terrain features, with each side seeking positions of advantage and leverage. Certainly playing across such a nice map increases enjoyment...

The game is very good as an introductory game. That 4 page rule set means players are playing and not reading rules or remembering exceptions. There is good interaction between both sides and players have to think about the suitability of each position on the map in terms of threat and advantage...

For the regular player, there are the benefits of an interesting situation, wrapped up in just a four page rule-set, that gives a big battle experience that will fit into a single gaming session...

Anyway, the bottom line is, will I bring it back to the table? - Yes and soon. Being able to pick up a game with a four page rulebook is becoming increasingly attractive for getting the game to the table even on my lazy days!" - N. Smith





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