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Chickamauga River of Death (Phoenix)




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Theme:      ACW      Pre-Owned      Un-Punched      2 to 6 Players     

 Very good un-punched copy

A brigade level simulation of the Civil War Battle of Chickamauga, fought September 18-20, 1863. With two players, one assumes the role of Braxton Bragg and commands the Confederate Army of Tennessee, the other becomes William S Rosecrans commanding the Union Army of the Cumberland. With 4 players, each assumes command of from one to four corps.

The publisher rates the rules as medium complexity (for ages 14+) and it uses the same system as Gettysburg, High Tide of the Confederacy

Includes gameboard, 352 counters, 1 10-sided die, rules booklet (includes 5 scenarios), seperate charts and tables. This popular system features 250 yard hexes; one hour day turns; individual army, corps, and division leader counters with leadership ratings; brigade size combat units with strength counters providing up to 24 step reductions; and much more

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