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Command Magazine - Game Only (Antietam: Burnished Rows of Steel)

Number: 22




Price £14.95
Game Series
Antietam B
Antietam C

Product Description

Theme:      ACW     

Very Good Condition Unpunched Copy. Includes 23 Errata counters, but missing x2 Variant counters. A section of the Errata page has been cut out and there are some loose notes included as well.

The game is a simulation of the bloodiest battle in the American Civil War.

The game includes a 22" x 34" hex map of the area of Sharpsburg where the battle was fought, 283 counters, and 18 pages of rules, charts, and tables.

Game turns are sequential, with each player moving, firing artillery, and then having two rounds of combat, each in turn. Also provided are rules for solitaire play.

Victory is determined by victory points earned by the Union player for capturing and maintaining control of geographical objectives and Confederate unit losses. If the Confederate player can hold the Union to less than 25 points, they win. Victory conditions are slightly different for the Solitaire game.

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