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Command Magazine (Strike North & Hoorah!)

Number: 39




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6Command 39 CountersHoorah
7Command 39 MapHoorah

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      ACW      Magazines and Books      Discounted     

Game -Strike North - Germany Invades Scandinavia, 1940

Game -Hoorah! Six Bridges: The Battle of Pittsburgh 1st October 1863

- Hypothetical ACW game based on a battle following the Confederate victory at Gettysburg.


• Strike North - Germany Invades Scandinavia, 1940
• Operation Weser Exercise - The German Navy in Norway, 1940
• Spared - Sweden During the Second World War
• World War 1862? (Potential European Military Intervention in the American Civil War)
• Lost Battalions - The Vosges October-November 1944
• Peacekeeper into Peacemaker - The UN Rapid Reaction & NATO Implementation Forces in Bosnia
• Otranto, 1917 (Austro-Hungarian Cruisers Hit-and-Run)
• Alexander's Hydaspes Campaign (The Model for Crossing Defended Rivers)

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