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Harvest of Death: The Second Day at Gettysburg

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S&T #129 7/88

Harvest of Death: The 2nd Day at Gettysburg Dr. D. Martin
Angola Part II R. Jupa & J. Dingeman
The Essence Supply C. Barrtt
Sevastopol: A Modern Siege P. McTaggert
A Continent Too Far: German Plans for War, 1899-1942 J. Bloom
Dispatches-Soviet Style M. Kufus
Simulation: Harvest of Death Dr. D. Martin, L, Millman

An excellent "mini game” that depicts the often designed fighting in/on and around little round top during the rebel assault during the late afternoon of the 2nd day of Gettysburg. Players receive points for destroying enemy brigades as well as several geographical features of the battlefield such as Little round top, devils den, the peach orchard, the infamous wheat field and the angle. Silhouette style counters depicting union and rebel troops in the traditional blue and gray colors add to the feel of the ebb and flow of the fighting. The map is quite small but is more than useful and never seems to get crowded.

One huge bonus...the game can be played solitaire, as rules have been added so a solo player can take control of the advancing confederates, whilst the game mechanics take care of the defending union brigades.

FYI A.A. Nofi

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