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Horse Soldiers: Forrest at Bay (GBACW)

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S&T #119 11/86

Caesar's Legions A.A. Nofi
Forrest at Bay Richard Berg
FYI A.A. Nofi
Simulation: Horse Soldiers Richard Berg

The Horse Soldiers: Forrest at Bay (1988) is part of the "Great Battles of the American Civil War" series [GBACW]. This series is an offshoot of the "Terrible Swift Sword" system [TSS].

Included are one color map sheets and one color sheet of two-sided, die-cut counters  These components represent the participants and locations of two ACW Confederate Cavalry engagements that involved the brilliant southern raider, General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The battle Tupelo, resulted from U.S. General William T. Sherman's campaign to remove Forrest as a threat to his flank and supply lines. Before the Union Army marched on Atlanta, Elements of Sherman's Army pursued Forrest, and others, into Mississippi and engaged his cavalry twice before its destruction at Tupelo.
This game is an excellent example of the, ever evolving, TSS/GBACW game system. New rules for Cavalry and a modified sequence of play are just couple of the many refinements. High complex, 200 counters, 2 players, 3+ hours.

Third World Ballistic Missiles J. Dingeman & R. Jupa
Union and Confederate Leaders Richard Berg

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