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Never Call Retreat

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Very Good Unpunched Copy (rusty staples)

Wargamer Vol.1 No.25 Sep/Oct 1983


Never Call Retreat (by George Schandel)

NEVER CALL RETREAT--The First Day at Gettysburg, July 1,1863. This game re-creates the first day's action between the Northern forces of the Army of the Potomac and the Southern forces of the Army of Northern Virginia during their classic three day confrontation at Gettysburg. Med complex, 150 counters, 2 players, 2 hours.


Kirovograd (3W) - J.Radey
- Player and historical notes

Designing Mr.Lincoln's War - M.McLaughlin
- Design Notes

Kinds of Untruth - J.Hind
- Analysis of game rating charts

An Interview with Charles Roberts - J.Greene

Decision at Kasserine (Wgmr-23)
- Game Replay - K.Poulter, A.Bagley

Thoughts & Reflections
- Internation Team game company & Norge (IT) - J.Greene

A Hichiker's Guide to Computer Wargaming

Hobby News

- Victory at Waterloo (Attactix) - J.Hind
- Red Warmy (GDW) - A.McGee
- Battle for Normandy (Emithill) - W.Oppenheim
- Fire When Ready (Meta) - C.Geggus
- Their Finest Hour (GDW) - C.Hunt
- Battle of Britain, comp - J.Hind
- Legionnaire, comp - J.Sutcliffe
- United Nations (Yaq) - K.Poulter

Georgie and the Russians - D.Mack

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