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Pleasant Hill: The Red River Campaign

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Pleasant Hill: The Red River Campaign is the sixth game of the Great Battles of the American Civil War series which included Pea Ridge, Drive on Washington, Wilson's Creek, Cedar Mountain, and Jackson at the Crossroads.

The game is a simulation of the battle of Pleasant Hill, fought in Louisiana in April, 1864. The Union Army was attempting to move up the Red River valley to Shreveport where it was overrun by a small Confederate force at Mansfield. The Union Army then retreated to nearby Pleasant Hill and took a defensive posture... on April 9, the Confederates attacked.

Each Game-Turn represents 20 minutes of real time, each hex covers about 125 yards from hexside to hexside, and each Strength Point is the equivalent of 100 men or 1 gun.

Included are a 22"X34" mapsheet, 200 counters, standard rules for the 'Great Battles' series, exclusive rules, and player charts and tables.

Not a simple game... there are more than 20 pages of rules which include extensive rules for cavalry, artillery and line-of-sight, morale, and fire and melee combat.

Victory is based on points earned by eliminating or demoralizing units and through capture of certain geographical objectives. The difference in points between the Union and Confederate players determine the level of victory.

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