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Raid on Richmond




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Product Description

Theme:      ACW     

The game is a "what-if" of Kilpatrick's aborted cavalry strike against the Confederate capital in early 1864.

Two 22" x 24" maps, 300 counters; Rules Book, 6-sided die

From Decision Games' Website:

This is one of the most challenging and unusual American Civil War games ever published. the map is an accurate reproduction of the city streets and blocks of Richmond in 1864. Units moving using the actual historical map features.

In February 1864, US Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick conceived a bold stroke against the Confederate capital, which local Union sympathizers had correctly reported as wide open to attack. The goals of the raid were to release the thousands of Union prisoners of war held in Libby Prison and on Belle Isle, as well as inflicting damage on key Rebel installations like the Tredegar Iron Works. Secret orders also authorized the killing of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and burning the city to the ground.

Historically, at the last minute, Kilpatrick lost his nerve and withdrew without firing a shot. The game begins at that point, but with the assumption the Union commander's nerve holds. As the Union raiders enter the city, it's a race against time as they seek to commandeer transport for the sick, wreak destruction across Richmond as slaves and panicked civilians fill the streets, and escape before Confederate army reinforcements begin pouring in from all directions.

Med complex, 300 counters, 2 maps, 1-3 players, 3 hours.

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