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Road to Vicksburg: The Battle of Champion Hill

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Has a noticeable crease across the top of the magazine, from long-term storage.


The Battle of Champion Hill, or Bakers Creek, was a battle that took place in the 16th of May 1863. It was one of the most important battles of the American Civil War.
It was lead by Union commander Major General Ulysses S. Grant against the confedarate army lead by Lt. General John C. Pemberton.

The Battle of Champion Hill which is using the Blue & Gray game system was included in the Strategy & Tactics magazine Issue #103 in 1985
In this game player plays the Union army and the other the Confederate in order to re-enact the history of the Civil War or even change it!
The Strategic rules of the Blue and Gray System that are used in the Battle of the Hill are:

• Up to 2 units may stack.
• Units in a stack must attack the same target. If desired, one unit of the stack may be withheld from attacks

Zone Of Combat/Enemy Zone Of Combat:
• ZOC extend into all 6 adjacent hexes. ZOCs do not extend across river/creek hexsides, except at a ford or bridge. ZOC do extend across streams.
• Units entering EZOC must stop moving.
• No unit may leave an EZOC except by combat results

Combat Restrictions:
• Units may only attack or be attacked once per phase.
• Units may not divide their strength.
• Units may attack all adjacent units of a group if desired.
• Before rolling the die, the attacker may choose to reduce the combat odds (e.g., use the 2:1 table when attacking at 3:1).
• Cavalry units attacked only by infantry may retreat 2 hexes before combat is resolved (opt.). The attacking units may enter the cavalry unit’s vacated hex, but they may not select an alternate target.

Attacker Effectiveness (“Ar” results):
• Attackers forced to retreat are flipped to their ineffective side. Attackers remain ineffective until a night turn. (Retreating defenders remain effective.)
• Ineffective units may not attack, i.e., they may not enter EZOC. Ineffective units that begin their side’s combat phase in an EZOC must retreat.

• Units may not retreat off the map or through EZOC’s.
• One unit of a stack may retreat one hex to make room for another unit retreating into its hex.
• Any unit that cannot retreat is eliminated.
• One unit that participated in an attack/defense resulting in a hex being cleared of enemy units (i.e., the enemy retreated or was eliminated) may advance into that hex.
• Artillery may not advance after combat.

Artillery Range Fire:
• Artillery may attack units within 3 hexes. It may only do so if there is no adjacent enemy target.
• Artillery ranged attacks must be made at odds ≥ 1:3.
• Artillery units may never suffer adverse combat results when engaging in ranged fire.

• No combat phase.
• Units adjacent to enemies may not move.
• Units may move, but may not enter EZOC’s.

Low complex,
100 counters,
2 players,
2+ hours.

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