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Wilson's Creek: The West's First Fight, August 10, 1861 (GBACW)

Number: 80




Price £34.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      ACW      Magazines and Books     

Very Good Unpunched Copy

S&T #80 5/80

Battles in the West:
Wilson's Creek to Pea Ridge R. Berg
Briefings Editors
Empires of the Middle Ages S. Patrick
For Your Eyes Only Editors
Simulation: Wilson's Creek R. Wright, R. Simonsen, T. Hudson

Wilson's Creek is part of the Great Battles of the American Civil War series that also includes Pea Ridge, Drive on Washington, and Cedar Mountain. From the game's introduction: "Wilson's Creek is a grand tactical, regimental level simulation of the Civil War battle fought on 10 August 1861, five miles southwest of Springfield, Missouri. The game simulates the surprise Union attack (led by Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon) upon an allied force of Confederate regulars led by Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch, and Missouri State Guards led by Major General Sterling Price. The Battle of Wilson's Creek was one of the pivotal factors that kept Missouri in the Union."

The game consists of a 22" x 34" map, 200 counters representing military units, leaders, and informational markers, rules booklet.

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