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ASL Annual '91




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This ASL Annual contains one of the best AARs ever written, a series replay between Jim Mitchell, Lenny Watson, Frank Calcagno, with neutral commentary from Charlie Kibler. The AAR is a day-by-day recap of the Red Barricades campaign game.


Series Replay: Red Barricades (AAR from the first of the mega Historical Modules).
The Forgotten Legions: The Axis Minors of ASL (covers all nations briefly).
Early Victims, Early Victories: The Scenarios of Last Hurrah (brief overviews of each).
Market Garden: Notes on the new Scenarios (commentary on linking them into a campaign).
The Numbers Of October:A Compendium of the ASL Oktoberfest (ASLOK in Youngstown Ohio).
The Mouse That Roared: A New AFV for ASL (you guessed it, the Maus).
Signals column (letters).
Debriefing Column (Q&As and Errata).
Forward Observer (upcoming news etc).
The Squad Leader’s General (a listing of SL/ASL articles from past General issues).
Topography (the boards of SL/ASL).
Chronology of War (a listing of current scenarios).


HASL A1 Fire on the Volga
A26 Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay
A27 King's Castle
A28 The Professionals
A29 A Meeting of Patrols
A30 Defeat in Java
A31 On the Road to Andalsnes
DASL A7 Lehr Sanction
A32 Zon With the Wind
A33 Tettau's Attack
A34 Lash Out
A35 Guards Attack
A36 Oy Veghel
A37 Dreil Team
A38 North Bank
DASL A8 Gruppo Mobile

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