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ASL Journal 1

Number: 1




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Theme:      ASL     

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The first MMP publication in partnership with Hasbro Games! Featuring a new Red Barricades campaign game, as well as Red Barricades solitaire missions and rules! Plus a fantastic assortment of articles and an additional scenarios!

64 Pages : 12 ASL Scenarios J1 - J12 : Red Barricades Campaign Game IV :Red Barricades Solitaire ASL including 4 Missions

J1 Urban Guerillas
J2 Battlin' Buckeyes
J3 A Sunday Stroll
J4 Wet Sawahs
J5 Bizory Loves Company
J6 St. Barthelemy Bash
J7 Slow and Steady
J8 Block Busting in Bokruisk
J9 A Stiff Fight
J10 Armored Fist
J11 In the Old Tradition
J12 Jungle Fighters
SASL Mission r1 Assault on the Assembly Hall
SASL Mission r2 Breakout!
SASL Mission r3 Hold the Factory
SASL Mission r4 Assault on Red Barricades

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