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ASL Mannual '98




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Subtitled: for Obsessed Pathetic Losers


A parody of the ASL Annuals, this magazine was a one shot effort featuring Alfred E. Neuman on the front as a 5+2 leader.

There are various articles and letters to the editors, including a column "Tank Talk" by Clink and Clank, giving their caller Erin Rommel advice on what type of tank he should be driving.


There are three scenarios included:

  • ASL Scenario On0, ATSA Natsoguda, Italy, February 15, 1944. Elements of a dug in German regiment and a lot of armor counters from Panzerblitz face off against an American force that never enters onto the mapboard.
  • ASL Scenario K9, Un Chien Boiteux Et Mal Equilibre, June 10 1940. The French border forces are Three Fenchmen and a Poodle. The Italian Forces are: La Groupa Gonna Getcha, You Bet.
  • ASL Scenario 1954, Gojira!!!, Outside Tokyo, 1954. The Japanese army takes on Gojira (Godzilla).

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