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Hedgerow Hell (Deluxe Module 2 )




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Price £36.95
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Theme:      ASL      Pre-Owned     

Very good copy, content has been well looked after by previous owner, box is in fairly good condition. 

This is the second Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader module, with larger map hexes to allow for miniature play, or just to spread out the counters more. This module contains scenarios set in the summer of 1944 in France, after D-Day.



Advanced Squad Leader



Advanced Squad Leader

Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1

Yanks: ASL Module 3

Streets of Fire: ASL Deluxe Module 1 (for two scenarios)



4 11x26 mounted mapboards: e, f, g, h

1 countersheet of status counters - These are missing

8 scenarios: Deluxe ASL Scenarios 11-18

24 AFV cards


The 40 vehicles described in the 24 AFV cards are: M3(MMG) ht, M3 (HMG) ht, M3 GMC ht, M3A1 ht, M4 MC & M4A1 MC ht, M21 MC, LVT2, LVT(A)2, LVT4, LVT(A)1, LVT(A)4, M2A4, M3 (Stuart), M3A1, M3 (Lee), M4, M4(105) & M4A3(105), M4 DD, M4A1, M4A1(76)W, M4A2, M4A2 (L), M4A3, M4A3(75)W, M4A3(76)W, M4A3E2 & M4A3E2 (L), M5A1, POA-CWS-H1, M26, M8, M8 HMC, M10 GMC, M36 GMC, M36B1 GMC, M18 GMC, M20, M24, M7 HMC, T19 HMC, and T30 HMC.



D11: Ripe Pickings

D12: Repulsed

D13: Bogged Down

D14: Buying the Farm

D15: Barkmann's Corner

D16: Clay Pigeons

D17: They're Coming!

D18: King of the Hill

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