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Retro Pak #1




Price £8.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      ASL     

Calling all completists and battle-hardened ASLers! RETRO PAK I scenarios bring the ASLComp gamer back to the era when “Hill 621” was king.

You know what that means. Short SSRs, designs that almost completely avoid the use of overlays, fast-playing, straightforward orders of battle. Cool counters. What’s more, these ‘old chestnut’ scenarios take proven CH battle depictions and play them out on the LATEST geomorphic boards. And in a ‘Hero Pax’ twist, you find a tasty dash of those little 1-4-9s here and there in just the right dose, to make things as exciting...and tense as you can handle it!

You've been hounding us for years to bring back the OOP portion of our scenario collection and you've been heard. But you deserve more than just another reprint. What we've provided is a new take on battles worthy of previous scenarios, but with new OOB twists, newer, updated boards, balance tweaks, all errata much so that they get new titles to avoid confusion and invite play after play...after play. Rout Paks, Oaf packs, and hundreds of other scenarios will follow in the successful wake of the recent RETRO I and RETRO II magazines for ASLers...literally carving a path to the past...

...when we could game all day in the basement without taking the kids to tuba practice...or answering the wife's call to cut the lawn..., we had no wives and kids back then! And in a nod to your gorgeous wife and wonderful kids we kept the prices LOW on these products and just as importantly, avoided tedious, long SSRs...honoring the value of your TIME and enjoy, and roll low!

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of German, American, and Russian counters (for 7 scenarios) and Marines and Japanese (for 1 scenario), as well as geomorphic boards 2, 6, 9, 17, 37, 41, 42, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, and 50 is required.


8 scenarios playable on geomorphic boards;
A color cover sheet;
Informational back sheet;

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