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Age of Dogfights: 1920s (Expansion)




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Age of Dogfights 1920s B

Product Description

Theme:      WW1      Air Combat     

This expansion includes 41 aircraft from the post war 1920s providing 82 aircraft tokens.

The choice of planes is large and players can combine airplanes from the basic game (and other expansions) with airplanes from the '20s.
There were no major wars between countries then, so players will have to decide which planes will adversaries and participate in battle on which side.

Some of these aircraft were faster and had a higher ceiling, so extra levl 6 and level 7 altitude stands are included.
In addition to describing the characteristics of the aircraft, the rulebook contains a couple of scenarios.



- 84 tokens (42 aircraft types from 11 countries)

- 26 altitude stands (16 x L7, 5 x L6 and 5 x L5)

- brochure

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