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Corsair Leader




Price £87.95
Corsair Leader Mission Briefing
Corsair Leader Pilot Cards Sample
Corsair Leader Mission Card Sample
Corsair Leader Dogfight Rules

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Solitaire      Air Combat     

Corsair Leader is the newest game in DVG's Air Leader series!

For the first time, the Air Leader series takes to the skies of WWII! Phantom Leader put you in the SAM filled skies over North Vietnam. Hornet Leader put you in the cockpits of the US Navy's best aircraft from the 1980s to present day. And, Israeli Air Force Leader gave you command over all of Israel's air wars from 1948 to present day.

DVG are proud to break into this new era, and Corsair Leader, and the rich history of the US Navy and Marines is the perfect way to do it. For those of you who are new to the series, Air Leader games are entirely solitaire by design. This means you can play whenever, where ever, and for as long as you like. No opponent needed! The game system handles all the enemy decisions and actions for you!

Mission Briefing:

You begin by choosing a historical US Navy or Marine Campaign. Each Campaign lists the year it took place. The Year is important because that determines the aircraft types you have to choose from to build your squadron, and the types of enemy aircraft you will engage in combat. Next, you select the Pilots and Aircraft to form your Squadron. You are now ready to fly your first Mission!


Marines - Wake Island 1941
Navy - Midway 1942
Marines - Guadalcanal 1942
Marines - New Georgia 1943
Navy - Battle of Leyte Gulf 1944
Marines - Rabaul 1944

What's New:

Corsair Leader adds several new features to the Air Leader series!

- Detailed Dogfighting rules! - You'll select a Maneuver, adjust Position, and do your best to shoot down enemy aircraft! The AI uses the same rules for Maneuvering on your Aircraft!

- Enemy Bandit Pilot Skill Levels - Each Enemy Bandit is rated for its Pilot Skill Level from Newbie to Ace. The higher their Skill Level, the higher their ratings. When you shoot down enemy Veterans and Aces, you remove those counters from the Campaign!

- Gung Ho - WWII was all about teamwork and getting the job done. Each of your Pilot's has a Gung Ho skill that you can use to perform heroic actions!

- Naval Sites - We've added an entire set of Naval Site counters for Naval Targets! This gives Naval Targets a completely different feel from land targets!


- 280 Cards
  Aircraft Cards Include:
     F4U Corsairs
     SBD Dauntlesses
     F4F Wildcats
     F6F Hellcats
     SB2U Vindicators
     SB2C Helldivers
     F2A Buffalos
     TBF Avengers
     TBD Devastators
     B-25 Mitchells
- 5 Counter Sheets (or more - we're adding cool stuff)
- 6 Campaign Sheets
- Skill List Sheet
- Key Words List Sheet
- 1 Player Log
- 2 10-sided Dice
- 1 Huge 22" x 17" Tactical Display
- 1 8.5" x 11" Dogfight Sheet

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