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C3I Magazine: The Battle of Wakefield

Number: 31




Price £31.95
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C3i 31 Battle of Wakefield Table of Contents
C3i 31 Battle of Wakefield Game Details
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Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Magazines and Books     

Includes a stand-alone battle game entitled “The Battle of Wakefield,”. A battle fought during the War of the Roses in Yorkshire, England (December 30th, 1460). Designed by Ralph Shelton, Wakefield uses the same system as the popular “Men of Iron” series and a new boxed game entitled “Arquebus” that was just released in mid-September by GMT. There are also a number of significant articles related to the hobby written by the renowned game designers Mark Herman, Trevor Bender and Brian Train amongst others. Additionally, this issue includes counters to support numerous other GMT Games, and an exclusive bonus card for the upcoming game from Lombardy and MacGowan called “The Great War Card Game.” 

There is also a counterfactual history scenario for GMT's game "Normandy '44" entitled: "Disaster at D-Day".

It includes special rules, new counters and reinforcement chart.

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