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The Romans: Kingdom - Republic - Empire




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The Romans Map
The Romans Map Extract
The Romans Map Buildings
The Romans Start Buildings
The Romans Building Array
The Romans Generals
The Romans Army Illustrations

Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Family Games      Solitaire      Discounted     

The Romans is a game in the best Ragnar tradition: highly thematic, epic proportions, crisp mechanics and, above all, fun!  It's also an unusual Roman game in that each player creates an empire on their own unique mapboard in this third, and final Quantum game from Ragnar Brothers. 

The artwork sets out to entertain, and Ragnar hope novices to historic games will embrace the genre in the way they did when they first joined the hobby. Ragnar Brothers' games help share a story together and encourage players to release their inner viking.

The Romans is for 1-4 players with each player combination working equally well. Game length is 90 minutes for the solo game, rising to 150 minutes for the 4-player game. This is a game that teenagers to full grown adults will enjoy, but no doubt there will be talented youngsters wanting to play. 

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