Caribbean Storm: Honduras 2009 (Folio)




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Product Description

Theme:      21st Century      Solitaire     


Caribbean Storm: Honduras 2009 is a simulation of a hypothetical conflict based on the constitutional crisis in Honduras in 2009. The Honduran army has removed President Manuel Zelaya by coup d’état and Venezuela, with Cuban and Nicaraguan political and military support, has decided to restore him by force. Signs of an impending attack have alerted the Honduran military. A grand tactical game of modern-era conflict, Caribbean Storm is played by two players or it can be played solitaire.

Game components consist of the following items. Note that Honduran units have a blue background and Venezuelan units have a yellow background.

  • A 22” x 17” Hexagonal Map of the Honduran-Nicaraguan Region

  • 116 Double-sided, 5-8-inch Combat Counters and Markers

  • One 4-Page Rule Book

  • One Player Aide Card

  • One Player Reference Card

Counters may have a movement factor in black text and/or a combat factor in red text. The game map of Honduras and the surrounding area includes a Terrain Chart and a Turn Track.

Game Features

Venezuela C-130 Hercules Troop Transports
Venezuelan Su-34 Fighters
Venezuelan Capua and Los Frailes Class Naval Transports
Honduran Air and Naval Interdiction
Honduran and Venezuelan Land Bombing
Honduran Helicopter Troop Transport
Land and Air Combat