Chancellorsville: Pinnacle of Victory




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This particular copy is part-punched. The game box has suffered a bit and is noticeably shop-spoiled (scuffed, stained & worn). It remains intact and fit for purpose. A small number of loose counters are bagged.

The Army of the Potomac had found confidence in their new leader "Fighting" Joe Hooker following the disastrous battle of Fredericksberg. Hooker began forging the AOP into the weapon he and Lincoln knew was needed to defeat the Army of Northern Virginia led by Robert E. Lee.

Using his cavalry aggressively in conjunction with the newly formed military intelligence unit, Hooker fixed Lee's location and conceived a brilliant plan to sweep him from the field. Hooker's army, now numbering 135,00 men in eight corps and an artillery reserve would confront the Army of Northern Virginia's some 59,000 souls on ground of its choosing.

The movement began on April 26th, 1863 behind a dense screen of Federal cavalry, foiling the prying eyes of rebel spies and scouts. Surprise was complete, but ahead lay the thickets and dense woods of the Wilderness. Little did the Union soldiers suspect the ignominious outcome that awaited them. For Lee, recovering quickly, launched a counterstroke still studied today for its sheer audacity.

Designed by award winning Richard Berg, Chancellorsville places you in command of either army. Units are demi-brigades. Each hex on the three maps is around 265 yards and each turn is an hour. At this scale, players must master both operations and tactics to be ultimately successful.