Cockpit of Europe: France & Flanders 1744-48




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Cockpit of Europe covers the campaigns of the War of Austrian Succession in the Flanders theater between 1744 and 1748. The fact that the war will settle nothing is of no concern to you. As an aristocrat, it is your birthright to engage in war, winning glory for yourself and your House. And under the personal eye of the King, there is great scope for you as his Captain General (thought your victories may become his in the Paris Gazette).


The French player, with the strategic initiative, must constantly press forward, laying siege to town after town (and leaving many men idle in garrison), as he seeks to lever the Allies away from the French frontiers and ultimately threaten the Allies' own bases of operations. The Allied player must decide whether to defend everywhere, to bide his time and harass the enemy, or to launch an offensive of his own. Even if he makes the right choice, however, he must still get the agreement of all the nations under his command...



AGE: 14+



  • 2 full color 12x18" inch maps
  • Over 1,000 printed counters
  • 2 Rulebooks
  • Designer's historical commentary
  • A set of charts, tables, and displays