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Pontiac's Uprising, 1763-1766




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Pontiacs Uprising, 1763-1766_Board

Product Description

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“I mean to destroy the English and leave not one upon our lands.”  Pontiac
“It is not in the Indian’s power to affect anything of consequence.” Major Gladwin.”

Pontiac’s Uprising 1763-1766 followed on the heels of the French and Indian War which ended in 1763. Thanks to Indian resentment over the French surrender of their lands and the harsh policies of General Jeffery Amherst, governor-general of British North America, 20+ Indian nations rose up under the charismatic leadership of the Ottawa sachem, Pontiac and the Lenape Holy Man, Neolin. When the powder-smoke cleared, 450 British soldiers and countless Indians had lost their lives. Two thousand settlers were either killed or captured and 4000 more had been displaced. Moreover, Britain’s foreign conflicts had put the Crown 140 million £ in debt. These expenses led directly to a series of unpopular taxes in North America which in turn led directly to another uprising, our colonial revolution.

Pontiac’s Uprising attempts to recreate the reaction of Indian leaders to British mishandling of frontier politics and the impending colonial crisis it presaged. Building on the point-to-point system and loose Indian alliances used in King Philip’s War and Blood on the Ohio, this design expands frontier conflict using Battle cards to introduce combat chaos, British expenditure on troops, Uncertain Indian Armssupply, siege rules, the capture of prisoners, French interference and trader influence.

The game offers five short introductory scenarios (15-30 minutes), three one-year campaign scenarios (2 hours), and one three-year grand campaign (5-6 hours). Although not a solitaire design, it is solitaire friendly. Players will appreciate the high-production quality of the components which includes a MOUNTED game map and large, 5/8" size punch-out counters.

Product Information:

  • Complexity: 4 out of 10
  • Solitaire Suitability: 5 out of 10
  • Time Scale: Seasonal turns (approx. 3 months per turn)
  • Map Scale: Point-to-Point map (approx. 60-75 miles between points)
  • Unit Scale: 30-50 men, 4-6 artillery guns, individual officers and sea vessels
  • Players: 1 or 2 (best with 2)
  • Playing Time: from 15 minutes (intro scenarios) to 6 hours (grand campaign)



  • One 22 x 34" MOUNTED game map
  • Four Counter Sheets of deluxe, 5/8" punch-out counters
  • 106 Game Cards
  • 16 Wooden Cubes
  • 11 Player Aid Cards
  • Rules Booklet
  • Eight 6-sided dice
  • Box and Lid 


Game Credits:

  • Designer: John Poniske
  • Developer: Bill Morgel
  • Artist: Bill Morgel
  • Consultant: Curtis Milbourn
  • Package Design: Bill Morgel, Brien Miller

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