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Tet 68 B
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Theme:      Vietnam War      Pre-Owned      Punched      2 Players     

Very Good Condition Punched Copy.

Tet `68 is a simulation of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. The objective of the game is to show what happened during the campaign, how the U.S. and its allies, despite winning a military victory, were defeated psychologically and politically.

Included are a large 22" x 34" map of Vietnam, 200 counters, and extensive 16 page rulebook, including rules for intelligence, logistics, and weather.

Victory is awarded based on points, which are earned in different ways for the Communist and U.S. players. Communist points are scored for political successes; U.S. points are primarily scored for military objectives. At the end of 7 game turns, the player with the highest victory point total is the winner.