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Canvas Temple Publishing

Blitzkrieg in the West: The Campaign for Western Europe, 1940

An Historical Board Game of the German Campaign in Western Europe, 194

Final price: £89.95

Imperial Campaigns No. 1: The Boer War

The Boer War is the first entry in this new series from Joseph Miranda

Base price: £73.95
Final price: £66.95
9% discount!

The Pratzen: Austerlitz, 1805

A two-player board game that portrays the fighting on and around the P

Base price: £88.95
Final price: £66.75
25% discount!

The Revelation War: The Coming Struggle for the Middle East

This near-future what-if wargame investigates the Israeli worst-case s

Base price: £67.95
Final price: £44.25
35% discount!

Watch on the Rhine

An Historical Strategy Game of The Siegfried Line Campaign on the West

Base price: £85.95
Final price: £34.45
60% discount!

WW2 Deluxe: The War in Europe

WW2 Deluxe is a new and improved instantiation of 2WW, originally publ

Final price: £79.95

Admirals' War: World War II at Sea Expansion

A new expansion of the Admirals' War base game that incorporates the B

Base price: £44.95
Final price: £36.95
18% discount!

Admirals' War: World War II at Sea (Reprint)

A board game recreation of the strategic naval situation in WWII, from

Final price: £109.95

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