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A Glorious Chance (War of 1812)

A solitaire, operational wargame that puts you in command of the U.S.

Final price: £79.95

A Splendid Little War (2nd Edition)

The game covers the entire land campaign on Cuba, which saw the fall o

Base price: £53.95
Final price: £44.45
18% discount!

Aces of Valor A Solitaire Game of WWI Aerial Combat

Welcome to France! ACES OF VALOR is a solitaire game where you command

Final price: £81.95

Air Raid Pearl Harbor!

A detailed simulation and study of an iconic event in U.S. and, indeed

Base price: £82.95
Final price: £74.95
10% discount!

B-29 Superfortress - 2nd Edition, Bombers Over Japan, 1944 - 1945

A solitaire game featuring the technologically most advanced bomber of

Final price: £53.95

Blenheim, 1704: SHS Series - Volume I

Excellent punched copy, counters are bagged/sorted, minor ware to the

Base price: £52.95
Final price: £43.95
17% discount!

Blenheim, 1704: SHS Series - Volume I

A tactical level two player game covering one of the pivotal battles d

Final price: £52.95

CAPTAIN'S SEA The American Frigates 1799 - 1815

A low-to-moderate complexity game for two players who take the roles a

Final price: £80.95

Decisive Victory 1918: Volume One - Soissons, July 18 - 23

A stand alone game that covers the French 10th army sector.

Final price: £58.95

Demyansk Shield: The Frozen Fortress, February - May 1942

Demyansk Shield recreates the World War II campaign in the Valday Hill

Final price: £55.95

Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble (2nd Edition)

The decisive battle of Dien Bien Phu, that in 1954, ended the French I

Final price: £63.95

Heart of Darkness: An Adventure Game of African Exploration

This is a game of adventure and exploration where you, together with f

Final price: £74.95

Hell Over Korea - An Expansion Module for B-29 Superfortress

Expansion module focused on the most dynamic period of the Korean War

Final price: £37.95

Hill of Doves: First Anglo-Boer War 1880-1881

A solitaire boardgame in which the player controls An Imperial British

Final price: £83.95

Ici, c`est la France! 2nd Edition: The Algerian War of Independence 1954 - 1962

This game covers the French insurgency war against FLN in Algeria duri

Final price: £56.95

La Bataille de Hanau

Vive l'Empereur Series -Vol. X

Final price: £47.95

LA PRIMOGENITA: 1941 East African Campaign

A game about the East African Campaign in 1941. It covers the Allied i

Final price: £59.95

Maori Wars: The New Zealand Land Wars, 1845 - 1872

A simulation of the principal uprisings that took place between 1845 a

Final price: £62.95

Nemesis: Burma 1944

Nemesis has a high replay value and if you love tense games when in ac

Final price: £61.95

Prairie Aflame! - 2nd Edition: The Northwest Rebellion of 1885

Prairie Aflame! is an operational treatment of Canada's Northwest Rebe

Base price: £49.95
Final price: £29.95
40% discount!

Redvers' Reverse: The Battle of Colenso, 1899

The Battle to cross the Tugela River in the Boer War.

Final price: £50.95

Saipan & Tinian, Island War Series - Volume I

The Island War Series game system is a simulation of ground combat in

Base price: £65.95
Final price: £49.95
24% discount!

Slouch Hats & Eggshells: The Allied Invasion of Syria & Lebanon, 1941

Slouch Hats and Eggshells recreates the World War II campaign in Frenc

Final price: £47.95

Target For Today: Axis Fighter Aircraft (Add-on Module)

An add-on module for Target For Today which introduces the Axis fighte

Final price: £19.95

The Battle of Tanga, 1914 : Invasion of German East Africa

Often referred to as 'The Battle of the Bees'.

Final price: £57.95

The Great Game: Rival Empires in Central Asia 1837-1886

Recreates the 19th Century Anglo-Russian struggle for supremacy in Cen

Final price: £62.95

Tonkin: The First Indochina War 1950 - 1954

Focuses on the intensive years from 1950 - 1954 in the northern part o

Final price: £62.95

Toulon, 1793: Napoleon's First Great Victory

Operational level wargame for 2-7 players.

Final price: £60.95
Final price: £107.95

The Battle of Adobe Walls: November 25th, 1864. Number 1

Also known as the First Battle of Adobe Walls (November 26, 1864), it

Final price: £51.95

The Battle of Rosebud Creek: June 17th, 1876. Number 2

Reprint of the CSR Award Winner: Best Desktop Published Wargame, 2007.

Final price: £51.95

The Battle of the Little Bighorn: June 25th - 26th, 1876. Number 3

Reprint of the CSR Award Winner: Best Desktop Published Wargame, 2006.

Final price: £64.95

SKYHAWK: Rolling Thunder, 1966

A game which puts the player in the cockpit of an A-4E Skyhawk of VA-7

Base price: £75.95
Final price: £59.95
21% discount!

Target For Tonight: Britain's Strategic Air Campaign Over Europe, 1942-1945

A solitaire game that recreates Britain's Strategic Bombing Campaign a

Final price: £92.95

Target For Today: Bombers Over the Reich, 1942 - 1945

TARGET FOR TODAY is a solitaire game that recreates American's Dayligh

Final price: £78.95

Target For Today: Bombers Over the Reich, 1942 - 1945

TARGET FOR TODAY is a solitaire game that recreates American's Dayligh

Base price: £78.95
Final price: £76.95
3% discount!

Quatre Batailles en Espagne (English)

A simulation of the battles fought during the Napoleonic Era in Europe

Final price: £93.95

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