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1714: The Case of the Catalans

Excellent copy, content well looked after by previous owner, slightest

Base price: £49.95
Final price: £39.95
20% discount!

1st Newbury (TCS)

Counters need to be assembled

Final price: £14.95

Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion (NEXUS)

Battles in Spain and Belgium using cards and figures. Box has suffered

Base price: £105.00
Final price: £95.00
10% discount!

BCT (Brigade Combat Team) Command: Kandahar

BCT (Brigade Combat Team): Kandahar is an operational level wargame of

Final price: £58.95

Fantasy Warlord: Mass Combat Rules

The FANTASY WARLORD combat system rewards good generalship and works e

Final price: £29.95

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 is a fast-paced two-player tactical

Final price: £25.95

Gela Beachhead (Centurion Games)

Very good unpunched condition although the rules have some marks Gela

Final price: £34.95

History of the World

History of the World works under the assumptions that all empires even

Final price: £19.95

I Am Vlad: Prince of Wallachia

I Am Vlad: Prince Of Wallachia – an epic board game about the real

Base price: £64.95
Final price: £49.95
23% discount!

Iron Sky: The Board Game

New in shrink. In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon; in 2018 they come b

Base price: £39.95
Final price: £29.95
25% discount!

Kursk in Normandy: Operation Goodwood 1944 (PerryMoore)

Kursk in Normandy depicts at the tactical level the epic British armor

Final price: £19.95

Moral Conflict 1940 (Playford Games)

A strategic team game played by 2 to 6 players, which powerfully recon

Base price: £74.95
Final price: £67.95
9% discount!

Naseby: The End of a Reign (TCS)

This one is a game on the last battle of the English Civil War fought

Final price: £14.95

One Bullet, One German: The Uprising and Battles East of Warsaw, Aug-Sept. 1944 (Firefight Games)

The Uprising and Battles East of Warsaw, Aug-Sept. 1944 Excellent cond

Final price: £12.95

Operation Husky: The Campaign for Sicily

Excellent unpunched copy, content in great condition, some ware/scuffs

Base price: £27.95
Final price: £19.95
29% discount!

Panzer General: Allied Assault (Petroglyph/Ubisoft)

New in shrink. Panzer General: Allied Assault is a quick playing game

Base price: £46.95
Final price: £32.95
30% discount!

Salamanca (1976) (Maplay Games Ltd)

Shop-spoiled from long term storage, open copy. Condition verified as

Base price: £34.95
Final price: £14.95
57% discount!

Sandomiercz: Titans of the Battlefield August 1944

Very good unpunched copy. The first engagement between Tigers and Jose

Base price: £19.95
Final price: £16.95
15% discount!

Seas of Iron (Battle Bunker Games)

Battleship combat game for 2-4 players

Base price: £19.95
Final price: £16.95
15% discount!


Very good unpunched copy. cards have been opened but counters have not

Base price: £22.95
Final price: £16.95
26% discount!

Sonderkommando-Junck: The Luftwaffe in Iraq 1941

This is the downloaded version of this Perry Moore game.

Final price: £8.95

Steam and Steel

Steam and Steel is a game of naval power and economy; the objective is

Final price: £54.95

Tatchanka: Ukraine: 1919-21 (1977)

Good condition punched copy

Base price: £125.00
Final price: £89.95
28% discount!
Base price: £150.00
Final price: £120.00
20% discount!

Tornio '44: Northern Finland October 1944 (Mikugames)

A detailed wargame about the battle between Finnish and German forces

Final price: £34.95

V Commandos

V-Commandos is a WW2 commandos co-operative board game.

Base price: £84.95
Final price: £74.95
12% discount!

Bataille de la Marne 1914

Very good condition partly punched copy Note - Rules are in French B

Final price: £37.95

Battle for Vittoria: Wellington on the Offensive, 1813 (SSG)

Good condition although box has some damage. Grand tactical Napoleoni

Final price: £24.95

Marston Moor

Very good unpunched copy, content is in a very good condition, No box

Base price: £29.95
Final price: £18.95
37% discount!

Marston Moor

Very good unpunched copy, content is in a very good condition, however

Base price: £29.95
Final price: £19.95
33% discount!

Napoleon in Spain: The Peninsular War 1808-09

By Historical Concepts Good Punched Condition A brigade-division lev

Final price: £39.95

Schutztruppe: East African Guerilla 1914-1918

Very Good condition punched copy including the original manila envelop

Final price: £69.95
Final price: £48.95

Zulu: Isandhlwana (Bearhug Publications)

Excellent condition unpunched copy

Final price: £39.95

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