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Marathon 490 BC. Number 1

A battle remembered by a race? Or was it the single most important bat

Final price: £31.95

The Siege of Syracuse 415-413 BC. Number 2

Can you extend the Golden Age of Athens or maintain the freedom of the

Final price: £34.95

Arbela: Gaugamela, 331 BC. Number 3

Arbela - Gaugamela 331BC

Final price: £34.95

Final price: £27.95

The Battle of Châlons. Number 6

The Battle of Châlons An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Allianc

Final price: £31.95

Battle of Tours: 732 AD. Number 7

TPS gives you the chance to determine the future of France and Western

Final price: £27.95

Hastings: 1066 AD. Number 8

Simulation of the battle fought in 1066 AD to determine the future Kin

Final price: £31.95

Joan of Arc's Victory 1429 AD (Orleans). Number 9

Joan of Arc's Victory: Render to the Maid! covers the entire campaign

Final price: £27.95

The Invincible Armada 1588 AD. Number 10

What if the Spanish Armada had succeeded?

Final price: £31.95

Blenheim: 1704 AD. Number 11

Can you, as the Allies, match this great victory and make England a fi

Final price: £43.95

Poltava's Dread Day: The Great Northern War 1700-1722 AD. Number 12

Poltava’s Dread Day provides a keen look into a decisive historical

Final price: £28.95

Saratoga 1777 AD. Number 13

Now you can explore the two main battles of Saratoga, both Freeman’s

Final price: £33.95

The Valmy Campaign: The Revolution Saved 1792 AD. Number 14

The end of the old quaint style of warfare under Kings and the beginni

Final price: £31.95

The Day of Waterloo: 1815 AD. Number 15

It might be the most written about battle of all time… …But tacti

Final price: £32.95

The Vicksburg Campaign 1863 AD. Number 16

Vicksburg was the key. Can you put that key in your pocket or deny it

Base price: £31.95
Final price: £29.95
6% discount!

The Sadowa Campaign 1866 AD. Number 17

Very good punched copy, content well looked after by previous owner. C

Base price: £31.95
Final price: £17.95
44% discount!

The Sadowa Campaign 1866 AD. Number 17

Can you, as the Prussia player, start down the path toward Germany bei

Base price: £31.95
Final price: £25.95
19% discount!

The First Battle of the Marne 1914 AD. Number 18

The First Battle of the Marne ended German hopes for a quick finish, a

Final price: £31.95

The Battle of Midway 1942 AD. Number 19

THE decisive battle of the Pacific War.

Final price: £31.95

The Battle of Stalingrad : Pivot on the Volga. Number 20

The Battle of Stalingrad Pivot on the Volga Out of all the most horrif

Final price: £27.95

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