Cone of Fire (The Fleets of South America)




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Great War at Sea and Second World War at Sea have covered naval wars around the world, both those that occured and those that might have but did not. One of the flash points that failed to ignite was at the southern tip of South America, where Chile and Argentina engaged in a heated naval arms race from the early 1900s until the end of the Second World War.

Cone of Fire adds the fleets of South America to the Great War at Sea and Second World War at Sea game systems: Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Peru. Both the fleets built by these nations, and the ships planned or ordered but never received, are included. Ships from Britain and Germany are also present.

There are more than 40 scenarios covering several tense periods:

The 1901-1902 Beagle Channel crisis.
1914, the outbreak of World War One.
1920, the Great War's aftermath.
The 1914 search for German Admiral Maximilian Graf von Spee.
The 1939 search for his namesake, the raider Admiral Graf Spee.
1940, tension in the Southern Cone.

Cone of Fire includes:

Five 34x22-inch operational maps (two of them are back-printed).
One 25x25-inch tactical map.
One 23x17-inch tactical map.
140 “large” playing pieces
280 standard-sized playing pieces.