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First Blood: Second Marne, 15 July 1918

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First Blood: Second Marne, 15 July 1918 (FB) simulates the final day on World War I’s western front during which it was the Germans who held the strategic initiative. After that day, the German high command, though they didn’t yet understand they were soon to be fully and finally defeated, knew an offensive solution to the war was no longer available to them. The German player is generally on the offensive, trying to cross the Marne River and exit units southward off the map through the Surmelin valley. The game design by Ty Bomba is an update of the Soldiers system.

The first game turn of First Blood: Second Marne represents roughly the first two hours of operations after the Germans began crossing the Marne. Those operations were conducted in the slowing conditions of early morning darkness. Every game turn after the first represents about 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the intensity of tactical action that takes place within each turn as the daylight battle unfolds.

On the US side the units of maneuver are infantry platoons, along with static heavy weapons emplacements. The latter represent one or two dug-in and pre-sited heavy machineguns and/or 37 mm guns (“one pounders”).

The German units are organized so as to be reflective of the chaos created among them by the intense US aerial and heavy artillery bombardment that was conducted against their north bank marshalling areas and bridges. That is, German units represent ad hoc, mixed, tactical formations (primarily storm trooper infantry), ranging in size from sections and squads up to almost full companies, which the Germans self-organized as they left the complete chaos of the riverbank and moved into the semi-chaos of the actual battlefield. Each hexagon on the map represents 100 yards from side to opposite side.

The Phase Sequence Outline is given below.

I. Random Events Phase

II. German Reinforcement Phase

III. German First Bombardment Phase

IV. US First Bombardment Phase

V. German Movement Phase

VI. US First Fire Phase

VII. German First Fire Phase

VIII. US Movement Phase

IX. German Second Fire Phase

X. US Second Fire Phase

XI. German Second Bombardment Phase

XII. US Second Bombardment Phase
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Cover Story
First Blood: The US 3rd Infantry Division at the Second Battle of the Marne, 15 July 1918
By Ty Bomba

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