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Old School Tactical Vol III: Pacific War 1942/45 - Hell Bent




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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Damaged      Discounted     

NEW in shrink. Minor compression to the edge of the base.

The Pacific Theater was defined by amphibious landings, beaches, lagoons, and much more. The Hell Bent boxed expansion for Old School Tactical Vol III: Pacific 1942-45 brings you that much more with an additional 30" x 41"mounted map, yet another sheet of counters, and a bunch of scenarios to use them with, all wrapped up in an attractive box. Include are scenarios for Wake Island, Tarawa (2), Peleliu (4), Luzon (2), Saipan (2), and Okinawa (3).

This expansion includes:

  • 1 x 30" x 41" mounted game board.
  • 1 full sheet of 102 counters. 
  • 13 new scenarios including, Action at Poppot, Bloody Nose Ridge, China Gal, Clark Field, Fools Rush In, and more .
  • a good-looking box to put it all in.

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