For What Remains: OUT OF THE BASEMENT (Game Three)




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Product Description

Theme:      Sci Fi      21st Century      Discounted     

FOR WHAT REMAINS is a skirmish-level wargame set in a postapocalyptic near-future. FOR WHAT REMAINS is a two-player competitive game, or it can be played solitaire. There are two ways to play FOR WHAT REMAINS: skirmishes and campaigns. Skirmishes are stand-alone games played for a single victory, with no lasting repercussions. Campaigns are a series of skirmishes linked together to form a larger narrativ. We have created three different core game options. Each of the three core games can stand alone, or you can combine them. Each game comes with two factions and features a set of double-sided game tiles that are thematically linked to the game's campaign storyline. The tiles in each of the core games can be combined with the tiles from the other core games for an almost limitless number of battleground configuration options. In addition, while each campaign provides its own storyline, there is an overarching story that begins in STREETS OF RUIN, continues in BLOOD ON THE RAILS, and then ends in OUT OF THE BASEMENT. 


Selling Points

• Solitaire or 2 player competitive

• 45-60min games

• Fast, dynamic gameplay combined skirmish combat and wagaming.

• Campaign play with character progression



• 9 Double-sided Battlground Tiles

• 22 Oversized Cards

• 14 Counters

• 4 Reference Sheets

• Full color Rulebook

• Campaign Guide

• 2 Faction Guides

• 5 Dice