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General Vol.12, No.6 Mar-Apr 1976
FEATURE: Chancellorsville

- Unmounted counters for new scenarios to CHANCELLORSVILLE
- Contest 71 (Chancellorsville)


Four Roads to Richmond
- The Rappahannock and Battle of Fredericksburg J.Angiollio, R.Hamblen
- 3 New scenarios for CHANCELLORSVILLE

Stalingrad Scenario Strategy
- Starting STALINGRAD in 1942 G.Phillies

Weather or Not?
- Addition of Weather Rules to PB and PL R.Easton, N.Kluksdahl

Design Analysis
- Average Losses, Controlling the Luck Factor R.Geary

Game Replay
- WOODEN SHIS & IRON MEN M.Uhl, J.Greene, R.Hamblen, C.Taylor

Question Box
- Panzer Leader