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C3I Magazine

Number: 19




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Excellent condition

Table of Contents:

"Here I Stand" Feature:
The issue will include a FIRST for "C3i Magazine" -- a pack of NEW playing cards (exactly like those in our boxed games) for a "2-player Version" of our card driven game "Here I Stand" (that is BIG news!).

"Combat Commander" Feature:
A NEW battle scenario for "Combat Commander" by Bryan Collars - "Scenario 103, Varsity Blues" - with combat action between German and American forces in Diersfordt, Germany in March 1945; plus an informative article "A Combat Commander Briefing: Examining Scenario #10 - "Commando School" which will illustrate the great variety of options open to players by Chad Jensen, Kai Jensen and John Foley.

"Command & Colors ANCIENTS " Feature:
THREE Official NEW battle scenarios for "Commands & Colors ANCIENTS" by designer Richard Borg and GBoH Editor Dan Fournie. The three scenarios are Mago's Battles Revisited from C3i Magazine Nr6 revised for "C&CA" -- Po River, 203 BC", "Celtiberia, 207 BC" and "Orongis, 212 BC"

"Pax Romana " New Scenario Feature:
"Pax Romana" Scenario C3i - I By Dan Fournie (Standard Game Only) MAGNA GRAECIA-The Western Greek's Last Stand

"Pax Romana" Scenario C3i - II By Dan Fournie (Standard or Advanced Game) DIADOCHI-The Hellenistic Kingdoms at War

"Pax Romana" - An Addict Shares Some Lessons
By Michael Gouker

"For The People": Opening Theory
by designer Mark Herman

"Clash of Giants II" - Game Analysis
By Kevin Reid

With "CoG II" Designer's Notes
By Ted Raicer

Tactical Tips for playing "Commands & Colors Ancients"
by Andy Finkel and Tony Curtis

Strategy Tips for "Wellington"
By Mark Kaczmarek

A Short Scenario for "Twilight Struggle"
By Volko Ruhnke

Battle of the Bulge Tour 2006
By Mark Simonitch

"Empire of the Sun" Optional Rules
By Mark Simonitch and Mark Herman

PLUS, C3i Nr19 Countersheet includes counters and/or markers for:

"Empire of the Sun" Optional Rules
"Pax Romana" Scenarios (for Diadochi and Magna Graecia)
"SimpleGBoH-C3i Battle Manual" counter FIX (8 counters)
'Out of Command' markers for "GBACW" (6 counters)
"Gustav the Great" counter errata (4 counters)
"Cheriton" counter FIX (1 counter)
"Down in Flames" Clare pilot counter (1 counter)
"Onward Christian Soldiers" (8 counters & markers)
"Crisis SINAI" counter FIX (20 counters)


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