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Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261




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Product Description

Theme:      Ancient & Medieval      Solitaire      Pre-Owned      Andy's Picks      Un-Punched     

Excellent unpuched copy, content is in great condition well looked after by previous owner, box has only the slightest ware to it.

Tuscany, 1259. As wealth from crafts and foreign trade elevated northern Italy's urban families above the landed lords, rivalries within and among their cities hardened into conflict between two great parties. The Ghibellines aligned with the Hohenstaufen emperors who ostensibly ruled Italy, while the Guelphs backed rival imperial claimants and the greatest challenger to the Emperor's authority, the Pope. Should any faction gain advantage, others coalesced to resist.

The comuni (republics) of Firenze (Florence) and Siena dominated Tuscany at the head of competing alliances. As Guelphs sealed their control of the more populous Firenze, Ghibelline Siena turned to the Hohenstaufen King Manfredi of Naples for help. Local rebellions and reprisals escalated on each side, as political exiles stirred the pot. After Manfredi dispatched German knights to protect his loyal Tuscans, Firenze mustered its people and allies to march on Siena, which responded with its own great army. Pisa and Lucca, Lombardia and Umbria joined in. Guelph and Ghibelline faced off en masse at Montaperti in September 1260, in what turned out a bloody Florentine defeat. As Ghibelline exiles returned to grip Firenze, its Guelphs rallied to Lucca and Arezzo, portending an eternal inferno of fighting.


Infernothe third volume in Volko Ruhnke's Levy & Campaign Seriesvisits the conflagration that was 13th-Century Tuscan warfare, factional conflict fueled by the money and burgeoning population of the region's well-to-do cities and mountain valleys. Veteran Italian wargame designer Enrico Acerbi applies his deep knowledge of the age to bring it to life within Volko's accessible medieval-operation system. Gathering enough transport and provender may not be so much the challenge here as the sudden impediment of rebel towns and castles along key roads. Tuscany's unruly berrovieri horsemen, famed elite crossbowmen, and distinctive palvesari shield bearers are just a few of the unique features of this volume. Muster, mount up, and find out whose blood will make the Arbia run red!


Sample playtest markers, Lord mat, cards.

  • One 17x22 inch Mounted Map
  • 175 Wooden pieces
  • 106 Playing Cards
  • Three full-color Countersheets
  • 15 cardboard Lord and Battle mats
  • One Lords sticker sheet
  • Four Player Aid sheets
  • Two Screens
  • Rules Booklet
  • Background Booklet
  • Six 6-sided dice

Playtest gameboard

TIME: 60 Days per turn

UNITS: 100-250 Horse or 500 Foot
AGE: 14+
MAP:  Point-to-Point, 95 miles across

Game Designers: Enrico Acerbi and Volko Ruhnke 
Game Developer: Wendell Albright


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