Italia 1917-1918: A Farewell to Arms




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"Italia 1918 - A Farewell to Arms" is an operational wargame which simulates the fierce fighting which pitted the troops of the Entente (Italy, France, Great- Britain and USA) against those of the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary and Germany) during the period between the Battle of Caporetto (Oct 1917) and the Villa Giusti Armistice (Nov 1918).

Basic rules allow the players to tackle 6 variously sized scenarios, from 1 to 6 hours of play, using either a part of the board, or the map in its entirety. 5 of the scenarios are designed to be played on the ‘zoom’ map, in order to take maximum advantage of the improved play experience provided by the larger hexes.

Advanced rules allow the players to simulate the whole campaign; they introduce the reconstruction of destroyed units, the management of strategic reserves and the use of random events cards (50 for each side) with various effects and evocative titles such as “Rommel”, “Hemingway” or “I ragazzi del 99” (“The boys of 99”), for example.