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In the Name of Justice: The Battle of Lewes, 1264 (BOXED)




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In the Name of Justice is a low complexity wargame on the Battle of Lewes from the Second Barons' War. The game is faght between the Royal army of Henry III and the rebel army led by Earl Simon de Montfort.

This is a chit-pull game. The chits are either Activation Chits, which activate all units within the indicated ward, or Event Chits, which contain special events, or additional activation events for the wards. Turns are of a varying length with the end of the turn being determined by a special event chit.

The game is won by routing the opposing side. At the end of each turn, the combat factor of each routed unit is summed per side. A player wins by collecting 35 or more combat factors from routed units.

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