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Aces High

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Very Good Condition, Unpunched copy. Slight creasing/grubbiness to the magazine from long term storage.

Wargamer Vol.1 No.12


Aces High (by Jim Hind)

Aces High is a simultaneous movement game that puts you in the cockpit, with only your own skill between you and your opponent's triumphant cry of "Flamer!". Includes data on 72 different types of aircraft. The data includes information on Speed, flying qualities, armament, ability to absorb punishment, etc.

Aces High, although not as detailed as Wings, includes rules for stalls, spins, ropey (unreliable) engines, aircrew quality, spotting, archie (anti-aircraft fire), and more. Aces High even has rules for different types of missions, from Photo-reconaissance to balloon busting to bombing.

The number of manuevers is limited to banks, turns, sideslips, and half-loops possible. There are no rules for Immlemans or barrel-rolls for example.

There is an interesting rule for ace pilots where the ace pilot can withold (i.e. not write a movement plot for) a certain number of movement points. After the non-aces have completed their entire movement plot then the ace's can plot out the rest of their move and therefore react to the less-skilled pilots actions. The number of points the ace can withold is based on the 'grade' of the pilot with a 'grade 5' pilot unable to withold any points to a 'grade 1' pilot being able to withold 3.


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