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ASL Journal 5

Number: 5




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Game Series

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

Excellent Condition.

Articles on:

History and the Game: An excerpt from Operation Bluecoat
Jungle tactics in ASL
Scenario Analysis of Water Foul from OVHS
Campaign Game Analysis of OVHS
More chestnuts from Jim Stahler's fireplace
Scenario Analysis of Acts of Defiance
AFV Passengers and Crews

J78 Fast Heinz - 10 turns, small OB, 1941 Russia
J79 Rommel's Remedy - 8 turns, large OB, 1942 Egypt
J80 Egypt's Last Hope - 7 turns, large OB, 1942 Egypt
J81 Twisted Knickers - 6 turns, small mostly-armor OB, 1942 Egypt
J82 Pavlov's House - 7 turns, small OB, 1942 Russia
J83 Bloody Nose - 7 turns, medium OB, 1942 Russia
J84 Makin Taken - 7 turns, smallish OB, 1943 PTO
J85 Ptichin' In - 8 turns, small OB, 1944 Russia
J86 Frontal Assault - 7 turns, large OB, 1944 France
J87 Flames of Unrest - 7 turns, large OB, 1944 Poland
J88 Escape to Wiltz - 7 turns, smallish OB, 1944 Belgium
J89 Himmler's House - 8 turns, large OB, 1945 Berlin

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