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Central Command: Superpower Confrontation in the Straits of Hormuz

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Theme:      Magazines and Books      Pre-Owned      WW3      Punched     

Product condition: used

S&T #98 5/83

Berg's Review of Games R. Berg
Books in Review Editors
Computer Conflict I. Chadwick
Film in Review: Red Dawn Editors
FYI Editors
Into the Gulf C. Ramsay
MOVES Gaming Section Editors
New Blue & Gray Game Variants S. Winter

Simulation: Central Command C. Kamps
The Central Command Game simulates potential warfare between the US and the Soviet Union over the critical area of the Strait of Hormuz sometime during the late 1980s.

The game concentrates on an hypothetical land and air campaign for possession of airfield and port facilities in Iran that could dominate the critical outlet for Watern oil supplies from the Persian Gulf. It is assumed that other forces may be involved in combat elsewhere in Iran at the same time, limiting ground and air unit participation around the Strait to the forces included in this game. These off-board forces are assumed to be engaged in naval, naval/air, offensive counterair, or deep interdictional operations beyond the limited time frame of the game.

Superpower Confrontation in the Straits of Hormuz. Med/high complex, 200 counters, 2 players, 3+ hours.

Good condition, punched copy.

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