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Command Magazine (Second Front Now/Dark Victory: The Alamo)

Number: 44




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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Other C19      Magazines and Books     

The Games

"'Second Front Now' is a wargame simulating a hypothetical Allied invasion of France in September 1943. The design combines factual historical detail with educated guesswork to produce an alternative history simulation covering the period from D-Day+1 to D-Day+80."

The game uses a system similar to that used for Victory in Normandy(historical) and Sea Lion games.

Dark Victory - The Alamo
The Mexican assault on the Alamo. This game uses the "Hougomont : The Rock of Waterloo" system. A small group of Texans defend the fort of Alamo against the veteran army of Santa Ana.
Victory is determined by how long the Texans can hold until they bite the dust as well as casualty level of the Mexicans. Chrome includes 'dead markers' to indicate where soldiers have fallen.

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